Labour Advice

The Studio Prati provides labour advice, assistance for the application of the National Collective Labour Agreements for any kind of activity (commercial, industrial, building, agricultural,etc.), drawing up of employment contracts, verification of possible social security and tax breaks in light of employment rules.

During the last 10 years the Studio has also developed specific skills with reference to the assistance to foreign companies that want to hire/move employees in/to the Italian territory. The Studio takes care of all domestic accomplishments for start-up companies and may be a social security representative for all those companies that have no permanent establishment in Italy.

Administration of personnel

The Studio provides customized solutions to the companies that want to out-source the personnel administration in order to relieve the client from the burden of the administrative tasks correlated to employment relationships.

The company will be assisted by a member of the staff that will take care of all ordinary accomplishments such as:

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Studio Prati

Studio Prati utilizes Zucchetti HR Portal, an innovative instrument provided by the software House Zucchetti, a world leader in human resources database.

Such instrument works as a bridge between Studio Prati and our Clients and provides a personalized service that guarantees a direct access to all informations referred to companies’employees, their payslips and the accountancy of salaries, just by using a browser and a personal ID. Moreover the employees may register their daily presence at work and download their payslips by using a personal id and password.